Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Future of Mental Health

Eric Maisel has been writing provacative books for a long time. The first of his that I read was Rethinking Depression: How to Shed Mental Health Labels and Create Personal Meaning. When I read that, I thought, here's a man who is willing to be honest, and innovative and, even better, much more right than most. I've now read a couple other of his books, but the latest one has been especially telling. The Future of Mental Health: Deconstructing the Mental Disorder Paradigm, takes apart the "bible" of the psychotherapy industry, DSM V and demonstrates its lack of usefulness except to the insurance industry and to therapists who really don't want to treat human beings, just patients.

I find myself appalled at the thoughtless way traditional psychotherapy pigeonholes people. Equally inexcusable is the almost automatic use of a prescription pad to dispense what are, at best, questionable psychotropic chemicals. The person, who shows up in the doctor's office brings real pain and suffering, not from a lack of an anti-depressant, but from real life events either in the present or in their history or childhood. To simply prescribe a chemical which often carries horrendous side-effects should be considered malpractice.