My Life So Far

My daughters have long asked me to write my story. I kept putting them off, but a friend suggested that my life story is worth sharing and not just with them but with others.

This memoir began as a short biography but seems to have exploded into a book length production. I have broken it down to chapters to aid those masochistic enough to read it.

By the way, I originally considered using the present title: My Life So Far, but when I realized that it is the same as Jane Fonda's book, I chose otherwise. However recently I learned that this title did not originate with Jane Fonda. It was originally the title of a 1999 movie set in Scotland. Much as I admire Fonda, I do her no injustice to use it, especially as I am still looking forward to more years of good, joyful and useful life.

Some of what I have written will not have been known, even to those who lived it with me. Especially, the section on Brazil may contain information that I could not previously speak of either because of my pain or because I might cause harm to others. In many ways, this section is key to who I have become.

I'm writing this in chronological order. I am trying to get my ideas down without any real editing. As I have time, I will go back and improve the writing to make reading it more pleasurable. I will, as soon as I've completed the narrative, compile a brief index to help a more casual reader find whatever interests her. I am writing from memory which means that I may make errors. The story is completely true to what I remember, but I am open to being corrected. There are three names that have been changed to protect others privacy. While I have the right to tell my story, I'm very protective of others right not to have theirs invaded.

If you have a correction of fact to make or would like to add detail; if you have a grammatical or other language correction, please use the comment line at the bottom of each page. When you click that line, it will open your email and create a message with a subject line which will let me know which page you are on. Thank you.

In the meanwhile, I ask your indulgence. One thing stands out. I have been given a very interesting and varied life. I have had some successes, some failures, some mistakes, some learning. What I have not had is boredom. As I approach my 80th birthday, I am grateful for the gifts I have received in friendships, knowledge, health, and love, but also the gift of excitement. If that excitement is not well-expressed in my writing, it is the fault of my writing skill and nothing else.

I have not indexed or proofread these articles. However, there is a search window on the right column and it should help you find anything you wish. If you find glaring mistakes, I would be glad to hear about them and try to fix them. I am not a professional writer and I do mostly write from my stream of consciousness, so there will be some grammatical and stylistic errors.

I need to add that one of the things I've learned in writing this is, most people believe that they live unexciting lives, but many of them could write a novel based on their lives. Ordinary people are often amazing and have adventures that they don't even recognize as such.

Thank you for your interest. There will be an email comment link on each page. Please send me anything that comes to mind. 

The First Section–Childhood in South Texas


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